Special Evenings

Treat yourself, your family, and your friends to a unique food experience. Plan a gourmet evening for a special occasion and we’ll share our passions for good food and good company with up to 8 people in your home. You pick the meal, invite good company, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll prepare the meal, entertain your guests while we do so, and clean up afterwards. You can get involved as much or as little as you’d like – have fun sharing in the preparation of a delicious sauce, or simply enjoy being with friends while we do all of the work.

Sauce Night

In the tradition of so many families, a big pot of sauce, al dente noodles, perhaps some garlic bread and a good glass of wine make for a warm and inviting home in which to serve a fantastic meal. Loaded with fresh meats, vegetables, herbs and seasonings, our Mushroom Bomb Sauce simmers to perfection. From our family to yours.

Seafood Night

From full-flavored appetizers like a refreshing ceviche, nutty, spicy grilled shrimp or crabcakes that sing with a touch of aioli, to main courses that can be as bold as the marinade the salmon loves or as delicate as the tilapia with a hint of seasonings, a Seafood Night will show just how delicious it can be to follow doctor’s orders and eat more fish!

Asado Night

Summertime. The perfect time to grill. How about trying it Latin-style? Sausages, meats, chicken, pork, if it’s protein, we can grill it! Our tasty marinades and sauces help transform the usual cuts into a special night of grilled goodies. And a slew of traditional side dishes, from salads and greens to starches and vegetables, round out this evening of indulging your inner carnivore. And the sangria will have everyone feeling hungry!

Kids' Pasta Night

Watch as your own little gourmets have fun learning to make homemade pasta. We’ll work right alongside them, showing them how much fun it can be to make one of their favorite dishes from scratch. And once they taste how delicious their own pasta can be, you’ll never lack for help preparing a family meal.